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Ice Hockey





Formula 1

Last Minute

00h 07m

Hafnarfjordur 1,55

X 3,85

Fjölnir Reykjavik 5,00

00h 07m

IA Akranes 2,40

X 3,45

Grindavik Umf 2,45

00h 12m

Ishiy V. 2,00


Kosowski J. 1,70

00h 22m

Vxp_blaze 2,75


MIX Kompany 1,40

00h 37m

X6tence 1,50


Arctic Gaming 2,50

00h 52m

Valur 2,30

X 3,30

KR Reykjavik 2,70

00h 52m

Bankosz M. 1,85


Kriston D. 1,85

02h 52m

Olimpo 2,90

X 2,85

Estudiantes 2,45

03h 22m

La Equidad 2,10

X 2,80

Aguilas Doradas 3,35

03h 52m

Sao Paulo SP 1,35

X 4,55

Avai 9,00

03h 57m

Philadelphia Phillies 1,75


Colorado Rockies 1,95

03h 57m

New York Yankees 1,50


Kansas City Royals 2,45

03h 57m

Baltimore Orioles 1,65


Minnesota Twins 2,10

03h 57m

Argentinos Jrs. 1,40

X 3,55

Club Almagro 8,00

04h 02m

Cincinnati Reds 2,00


Cleveland Indians 1,70

04h 02m

Tampa Bay Rays 1,75


Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1,95

04h 27m

Atlanta Braves 2,00


Pittsburgh Pirates 1,75

04h 52m

Nashville Predators 2,20

X 3,80

Anaheim Ducks 2,95

04h 52m

Argentino Junin 1,30


Gimnasia Indalo 3,15

04h 57m

Chicago Cubs 1,45


San Francisco Giants 2,60

05h 02m

Houston Astros 1,65


Detroit Tigers 2,10

05h 07m

Gimnasia LP 4,25

X 3,20

River Plate 1,80

05h 22m

Regatas Corrientes 1,30


Deportivo Libertad 3,20

05h 37m

Boyaca Chico FC 1,75

X 3,20

Llaneros FC 4,00

05h 52m

San Antonio Spurs 6,00


Golden State Warriors 1,10

05h 52m

Kanako Morisaki 1,50


Chisa Hosonuma 2,30

05h 52m

Momoko Kobori 1,25


Michika Ozeki 3,25

05h 52m

Miyabi Inoue 1,06


Moyuka Uchijima 6,25

05h 52m

Mai Minokoshi 1,12


Josephine Boualem 4,75

05h 52m

Estudiantes de Bahia Blanca 1,30


Quilmes Mar Del Plata 3,15

05h 52m

Ciclista Olimpico de La Banda 1,30


Instituto Atletico Central Cordoba 3,30

05h 52m

Ghost Gaming 1,20


Ronin 4,00

06h 32m

Arizona Diamondbacks 1,45


Chicago White Sox 2,55

06h 52m

Zhong S. 2,10


Yuanfeng Li 1,60

06h 52m

Zhe Li 1,04


Calum Puttergill 6,50

06h 52m

Fajing Sun 1,50


Kaichi Uchida 2,20

06h 52m

Xin Gao 2,40


Kuan Yi Lee 1,45

06h 52m

Yecong He 5,75


Alexander Sarkissian 1,07

06h 52m

Marcos Giron 1,09


Ryota Tanuma 5,25

07h 22m

Kotomi Takahata 1,80


Mizuno Kijima 1,80

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Please check the details of your chosen bets very closely on this page. The “Submit betting slip” button is the final step in bet submission. There will be no subsequent confirmation page! Details regarding score and minute of play are purely for purposes of orientation and no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

The Cash-Out function gives you the opportunity to end a bet before the results. This means that you can secure your winnings if the conditions are favourable, as well as minimise your losses if you believe the bet will probably be lost anyway.

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