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    US Presidential Election 2024

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    Victory Bets
    US Presidential Election - Next President Betstop: 15.07.2024 | 10:00
    Trump, Donald 1.50
    Harris, Kamala 4.90
    Biden, Joe 7.50
    Obama, Michelle 18.00
    Newsom, Gavin 19.00
    Whitmer, Gretchen Esther 30.00
    Kennedy Jr, Robert 45.00
    Clinton, Hillary 50.00
    Blinken, Antony 70.00
    Haley, Nikki 100.00
    Shapiro, Josh 140.00
    Cuban, Mark 225.00
    Vance, James David 225.00
    Pritzker, J B 225.00
    Murphy, Chris 225.00
    Preston, Dean 225.00
    Warren, Elizabeth 225.00
    Buttigieg, Pete 250.00
    Dimon, James 300.00
    Kerry, John 275.00
    Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria 325.00
    Winfrey, Oprah 375.00
    Sanders, Bernie 400.00
    Hawley, Josh 500.00