Responsible Gaming

Today, online gaming is a form of entertainment recognized by society at large. Playing for money is exciting and entertaining, but it also involves risks. Therefore, Interwetten takes its responsibility for the promotion of responsible gaming and this responsible gaming policy very serious.

For us, it is understood that any serious and respectable operator has to provide its customers with sufficient information in order to know about the potential risks of games of chance. Prevention is based on information, and only well informed players will be in a position to recognize a gaming problem in its early stages. Apart from information, Interwetten offers proactive tools to control each player's gaming pattern and prevent the negative consequences of exaggerated gaming. These tools include stake (loss) and deposit limits per day, week and month, a reality check system that may be adjusted in line with individual needs for all RNG controlled casino games, a self-test for those who feel at risk, and the option of definite and indefinite self-exclusion from game. Last but not least, responsible operators need to ensure that there is support and help if a client is at risk or might have developed a gaming problem.

Hence, the Interwetten responsible gaming policy is based on the following five pillars:

1. Information: We inform our customers to the best of our ability about the risks incurred by online gaming, preventive measures and the first symptoms of a critical gaming pattern.

2. Staff training: We train our staff in regular intervals on responsible gaming and invite experts as well as specialist organizations to provide training and hands-on assistance.

3. Protection of minors: We are committed to the protection of the most vulnerable and strictly do not accept under-age clients. Irrespective of our customers' national age regulations we do not accept minors under the age of 21 years. In order to ensure compliance, we carry out identity checks on our customers and check their date of birth. Finally, we also make every effort to avoid advertising which could attract minors to play for money. Customers who wish to ensure that no underage person in their households uses their computer will find professional help by clicking onto

4. Responsible gaming tools: Interwetten has no intention of patronizing its customers, but we would like to give our customers tools at hand to implement their individual goals. Therefore, Interwetten offers a variety of measures for customers who wish to control their gaming behavior;

• Customers will be prompted upon registration to set their individual stake (loss) limits, time limits (for non betting games) and deposit limits per day or week or month, according to the Greek Gaming Regulation (article 24). Please click here to see details.
• By adjusting player’s account settings it is also possible to activate a reality check system for all RNG controlled casino games in line with individual needs.
• For those who feel at risk, Interwetten offers the possibility to carry out a self-test, according to the Hellenic Gaming Commission’s Directive 02/2021. Please click here to carry out the test.
• Last but not least, definite and indefinite self-exclusion from game play may be reasonable strategy to re-gain control. In order to implement any kind of self-exclusion, please contact our service department by email or ticket. It is important to note that even we might withdraw to excluding players from game play if our systems for the detection and identification of problem gambling support this step. Self-excluded players will not receive any form of advertising from our end. It goes without saying that the Interwetten account settings also contain an opt-out system for marketing communication available for all players at any time.

5. Assistance and support: We provide customers in need with contact information of professional external service providers in order to obtain suitable support in the prevention and treatment of gaming problems.

If you feel that you may be at risk of losing control of your gaming activities or if you suspect that someone in your family or circle of friends may be getting into difficulties, please contact the following independent and non-profit aid organization for help and assistance in many languages: or You may also use the following telephone number (with no charge): 210 9241993 - 6.

Responsible Gaming – Stay in Control!

Any adult can experience the fun and excitement of playing games on online.

As with almost all things in life, however, betting and gambling should be enjoyed within reasonable limits. Only self-controlled gaming is entertaining. Therefore, it is very important that every player keeps control over this pastime in terms of extent, frequency and financial implications.

Unrestrained gaming and wagers in excess of the player's financial capacity imply that the person's self-control is insufficient. If the attraction of gaming is stronger than the individual's self-control, a gaming addiction may lead to personal and social problems.

Useful tips

In order to stay in control, we recommend that you comply with the following rules whenever you are using our site:

• Play in moderation and do not forget that gaming is a form of entertainment and not a genuine way of making money
• Please be aware that gaming is a matter of chance and that there are no "magic" formulas that guarantee winnings
• Make sure you know the rules of the games you play
• Play when you are alert and, as with any other internet activity, take regular breaks
• Don't play when drinking alcohol or taking any medications that can influence your perception
• If you are feeling down and depressed, do not play
• Set yourself a budget and keep track of the amounts spent and/or set personal deposit and/or stake limits per day, week or month
• Use only funds that are available for entertainment. Never stake funds that have been allocated to any other purpose
• Do not borrow money from third parties in order to play
• Stick to your own limits even if you suffer losses

Self-exclusion as a Preventive Tool

Customers who opt for definite or indefinite self-exclusion are no longer able to access real money games for the term of their exclusion.

If you opt for a definite self-exclusion, you will exclude yourself from all gaming activities for a definite term that you may define individually (e.g. a day, a week or a month). Your account will be blocked until the deadline is reached. Once the term has expired, your account will be automatically available again.

If you opt for indefinite self-exclusion, your account will be inactivated and your agreement with us will be terminated by our side. In that case you will be able to re-activate your account with us at least after one (1) year and: (a) subject to a new agreement being signed between us and (b) the respective KYC procedures taking place from the beginning.

If you opt for temporary self-exclusion, this will be applicable for 24 hours. For that period of time your account will be blocked.

Protection of minors

Neither our products nor our marketing campaigns are designed to attract children or adolescents. On our homepage, we clearly display the 21+ warning. We do not accept account registrations from individuals under the age of 21 years and carry out identity checks, including our customers' date of birth, in order to ensure compliance.

Nevertheless, we recognize that the internet is available and accessible in many homes around the world. As a result, online gaming companies and parents must work together to protect children from underage gambling. To ensure the safety of your children, we recommend installing filtering software to block minors from accessing inappropriate websites and programs.

More tips for parents:

• Do not leave children unattended near your computer when using our site
• Do make use of easy-to-use monitoring applications like e.g.
• Protect your gaming programs with password access
• Keep your Interwetten username, password and deposit details out of the reach of children
• Do not allow persons under 21 to participate in any gaming activity
• Educate your children about the legality and the potential risk of underage gaming
• Unfortunately, no system can prevent fraud and identity theft. If you are aware of any fraudulent abuse of our services, please notify our service department by email to [email protected] instantly

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