Your daily spin!


The new triple Spin&Win wheel!

The new interwetten SPIN and WIN wheel of fortune is here and, with a bit of luck, one of the many unbeatable prizes will go to your account - now with even more winnings!

You won't have to do much to secure your sports betting free bets, casino free bets and cash! If there's a shortage of luck, try again next day!

It’s as simple as that:

1. Register or log in.
2. Click on the button below to activate the wheel of fortune.
3. Turn the wheel & secure your winnings!

Bonus regulations:
  1. General regulations
  2. Winning: extra credit
  3. Winning: Free bet
  4. No luck this time
  5. Further clauses

A) General regulations
  1. The „interwetten Spin and Win“ wheel of fortune is active from 10.11.2020 until cancelled.
  2. A player can turn the wheel only once a day.
  3. The spin will be reactivated the next day from 00:00 CEST.
  4. Only players who have made deposits in the previous month at least at €50 can play interwetten’s daily Spin and Win wheel of fortune.
  5. Every eventual prize will be credited randomly and automatically.

B) Winning: extra credit
  1. The obtained extra credit must be accepted by the player in his or her account under “my account” and “bonus details / offers”. The credit will then be free to utilize.
  2. The credit must be accepted on the day of the winning by 23:59 CEST otherwise it won’t be available.
  3. The credit must be turned over once before the player can request a payout.

C) Winning: Free bet
  1. The obtained free bets will be credited automatically to the player’s account.
  2. The free bets must be utilized on the day of the winning by 23:59 CEST otherwise they will not be available.
  3. The obtained winnings by the sports betting free bets of interwetten’s Spin and Win wheel of fortune must be turned over three times before the player can request a payout.
  4. The following free bets are part of the offer:
    a) Slot free bet for Book of Dead by Play’n Go.
    b) Sports betting fee bet for the entire Live and Main football betting offer.
    c) Sports betting free bet for the entire Live and Main tennis betting offer.

D) No luck this time
  1. The field „no luck this time“ on the wheel is the only place offering no prizes whatsoever.
  2. If the player proves to be unlucky, he or she can try again on the next day from 00:00 CEST.

E) Further clauses
  1. interwetten reserves the right to exclude particular customers from the offer at any time as well as to end the offer without a declaration of reasons.
  2. We reserve the right to cancel crediting of bonuses, winnings, to deny requested payouts and to close accounts if betting communities or individual players attempt to misuse this bonus with multiple enrollments or fake accounts. Professional players and player cartels can not be a part of this offer.
  3. This offer is subject to our General Terms and Conditions.