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    Game Guide

    Game Guide

    Rules of the game

    To view the rules of a game you have to open the relevant game and click on the question mark/ i / the gear wheel. In order to read the rules no money needs to be transferred and you don’t need to play the game.  The rules of the game are explained in detail. To give you a basic overview of different types of games a few will be explained as follows: 

    Rules for Casino Blackjack

    Blackjack is a game where a player plays against a dealer. The aim of the game is to get as close as possible to a card value of 21 without exceeding it. Winnings in Blackjack are paid out 1:1. If a player bets for example 10 Euro he will receive 20 Euro for a winning hand, 10 EUR is the bet and 10 EUR the win. If the first two cards a player holds are aBlackjack (one Ace and a card with a value of 10), the payout is 3:2, this means a 10 Euro bet generates a 25 Euro win. Further explanations can be found when clicking on a game and the question mark which will forward you to the rules of the game. 


    Roulette consists of two components – the Roulette table and the Roulette wheel. Players can bet on different fields of the table: numbers 1-36, the fields Red and Black, Even or Odd as well as Manque (numbers 1-18) and Passe (19-36). To bet the chips are placed on the relevant fields of the Roulette table. When all players have placed their bets, the croupier throws the ball into the turning wheel. You win if the ball lands on a number you have bet on. When the wheel stops all winnings are paid out. For further explanations select your game and click on the question mark which forwards you to the rules of the game. 

    Slots games

    First you must select your bet. The minimum bet is usually 1 Euro (variations can be found in relevant game rules). Afterwards press the Spin button to start the reels. When the reels stop the game calculates if and how much you have won. The aim is to arrange individual symbols in a win line/ pay line. You can look up existing win lines in the game's winnings table. For further explanations select your game and click on the question mark which forwards you to the rules of the game.

    To look at the rules, pay lines or get any information on how the game works you do not need to transfer any money. The information can be accessed in game. The questions mark, “i”, three dots or a gear wheel are all symbols used in games to refer to the rules and information about the game.

    Those indicating symbols can be found in any of the four corners of your screen and be accessed by clicking on them. 

    Pay table

    A slot pay table is a datasheet or dashboard gathering all the important information, including but not limited to
    • The list of prizes and payouts
      • Minimum prizes
      • Maximum prizes
    • The number of pay lines/ win lines
      • Return to player – RTP
      • Hit Frequency - HF
    • The symbols on the reels
      • symbol meanings and values
      • how much they pay
      • each winning combination
      • wild symbols
      • scatter symbols
    • The betting requirements
      • Minimum bet
      • maximum bet
      • wager requirements
    • Jackpot details
    • Bonuses
      • Triggered bonuses
      • Bought bonuses
    • Buy Features
      • Free spins

    How to read pay tables

    Pay tables come in all forms and designs. They are easy to read and include a lot of example pictures for a quick grasp of the basic information at one glance. They can be only one page or a few pages, depending on the complexity of the game.

    They also include leaderboards and prizes in case this slot games are part of a tournament.

    Game odds and winnings

    Modern slot machines use an RNG (random number generator) to determine what number, symbol shows up on your screen. It does not use any form of memory to determine an outcome of specific results. All different combinations of numbers on each reel are random and re generated independently. So across three, four, or even greater numbers of reels are independent of each other when the symbols or numbers are determined.

    When winning a jackpot or any pay line it is a purely random part of the gameplay, as slot machines generate hundreds of random numbers per minute.

    All the slot machine algorithms include a certain payback percentage which is taken into account when generating the numbers. This payback percentage is called RTP (Return To Player) which describes how often a slot machine offers a winning spin. The RTP differs from slot game to slot game, however on overage it is around 97%.

    Return to player (RTP)

    The RTP describes the percentage the slot machine will pay back the player in the long run. For example: if you make one hundred 1€ bets on a machine which has a 90% RTP you can expect to get 90€ back in wins over time.

    Hit Frequency (HF)

    The term Hit Frequency is used in casinos to describe how often a slot machine will hit on a winning combination. For instance: if a machine’s hit frequency is 9% it means that 9% of the time a winning combination is hit. Nonetheless a player can bet on multiple win lines each spin which will trigger wins, this will let the player feel a though he wins more often. Which is not the case as the winning combination are random at any time. The hit frequency varies throughout the games and can be from low 3% up to 45%.

    A machine with a HF of only 3% might sound unappealing but offers the player less but bigger wins whereas a high HF gives out more but small wins.

    So, the “Hit Frequency” outlines how often, on average, a winning combination arises. “Return to player” marks the percentage of all the money wagered that a machine will return over time.


    The amount of money you can wager for one round in slot games varies from game to game and from provider to provider. The minimum amount is on average between 0,01 euros and 0,20 euros.

    The maximum amount to wager for one spin in a slot game varies from game to game and from provider to provider. The maximum amount is 20 euros.


    When applied about slot machines the word volatile refers to the risk the game holds. It describes how often and how much you can expect to win during a playing session on that particular slot game. In some games you can go a long time without small wins or wins at all but when you win the amount is usually higher. Those games are known as high volatility slots. The opposite counts for low volatility slots. In those you hit winning pay lines more frequently with a more but small winnings.

    High Volatility

    High volatility slots hold a higher risk. In those slots you can go a long time without a win, however when you finally hit a win the sum is much higher. This game is best suited for player who like the idea of winning big amount of money, even though it doesn’t happen that frequently.

    Low Volatility

    Low volatility slots equate to lower risk. The chances of hitting a pay line are much higher and happen very frequently thought out a play session. However, the winnings are small. This game is suited for player how like the thrill and don’t want to go numerous spins without a win.

    Pay lines or Win lines

    In simple terms a pay, line is a line in a slot game on which a payout will be awarded. The winnings, however, are based on your stake and on the winning combinations. The number of pay lines in a slot varies between games and providers. Any number is possible between 1 and 100 pay lines in one single game. Only when hitting one or more pay lines payouts can be earned.

    In every game, even before you spin one time you can have a look at all the pay lines available in the game rules and descriptions. Those can be found when clicking on the questions mark or I in one of the corners of you screen.

    Pay lines can be all over the reels, going simply straight across, take a zigzag shape, be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. It doesn’t matter which pay line you hit; they will always pay if you bet on them.

    Some game offer adjustable pay lines, while other games feature fixed ones. Adjustable games allow you to choose one or several pay lines to bet on, while on fixed pay line slots you ought to bet on them all.


    A Jackpot is the biggest win possible for a single spin in a slot game. The way you can win a jackpot is by hitting five “wilds”, or designated, symbols on a bet pay line. Some kinds of jackpots are collected through crowdfunding, meaning that the amount of the jackpot has been collected through the bets places by all the players.

    There are designated slot games for jackpots. In these slots the individual game rules, as well as jackpot rules, are explained. By clicking on the questions mark, the “i” or the gear wheel the rules will open up.  Jackpots also use RTP, the jackpot RTP is mostly identical to the game RTP. Jackpot games can also include various jackpots i.e. a mini jackpot, a huge jackpot and a mega jackpot. Those different kids differ in the amount which is paid out when hitting the winning symbols. The maximum reward limit that can be given by a Jackpot may not exceed the amount of five hundred thousand (500,000) Euro. Should the Jackpot be higher than this sum then the excess that has been collected is transferred to another Jackpot. 

    There are different kinds of jackpots:

    Progressive Jackpot Slots

    The basic idea behind this is that every time a player spins and plays the game a percentage of the bet towards into the cash prize. This kind of jackpot is quite famous and results in a lot of bets a day and therefore a huge cash prize. When viewing the jackpot amount consider that there might be a slight delay as the amount is updated every few seconds, the delay normally runs between 3 and 30 seconds.

    • Sometimes the prize gets too high and it gets harder to win the jackpot. A “must drop” feature helps to set an amount of money which indicated how high the prize can get before it should be dropped.

    Fixed Jackpot Slots

    Fixes jackpots are also known as “non-progressive jackpots”. The jackpot amount doesn’t chance if a lot of people play the slot or not. The prizes and the upper limits have been decided by the provider. Unlike progressive jackpots, no matter how much time lies between the hitting of the jackpot the amount of prize money won’t change as it has been fixed beforehand.

    Local Jackpots

    Local Jackpots work just as progressive jackpots, but with a twist. Local jackpots are just for localized games. This means that the amount of the jackpot can only be increased by bets in a particular casino.

    Usually bets from up to ten (10) games collect a part of each bet for the jackpot prize. The number of games might vary from casino to casino. But the more games participate in the accumulation of the prize the higher the jackpot sum.


    All Interwetten promotions are advertised in the newsletters you receive regularly via e-mail as well as on the Interwetten website. If you wish to there is also the possibility to receive web pushes every now and then promoting current tournaments or promotions. To view the corresponding bonus terms and conditions with exact details about time periods and minimum bets click on the underlined sentence "Find out more"! 

    New customers will of course receive a Welcome Bonus. To receive this please deposit an amount up to 100 Euro on your Interwetten account and you have the opportunity to receive a bonus of the same amount. The bonus tracker helps you to keep track of the next bonus available. It lists how much you must turn over to receive certain bonus amounts. 

    Moreover, the weekly promotion calendar contains several bonus promotions for you. Ongoing loyalty bonuses for casino bets up to 400 Euro, the Monday Slot Cashback Bonus, Weekend Live Casino Cashback Bonuses or various ongoing bonuses throughout each week! 

    Mobile casino range – mobile, tablet and app

    You can use most of our desktop website games also on your mobile devices. 

    Open the browser of your mobile or tablet and visit You will be forwarded to the mobile homepage of Interwetten automatically. 

    You can also download our Interwetten app for Android und Apple devices and access games directly. 

    On the Homepage of Interwetten is on the right side a category called “mobile”, click on it for more information.

    Interwetten offers the Casino app for iOS, Android and Windows phones. Available games can differ depending on the app and the country you are in. 

    Please visit our website to find out, which games are also available for the mobile version.

    If you receive a call while playing on your mobile device, you can continue to play after you have finished your call and pick up exactly where you have left the game. If you were just about to place a bet with Blackjack you can of course do this after the call.

    Live Casino 

    Live Casino games can be found in the product tab "Live Casino". At Interwetten you can choose between 4 different providers: 

    Evolution Live Casino, Pragmatic Play Live Casino, Playtech Live Casino and Netent Live Casino offer the classics like Blackjack and Roulette. Other fun live casino games, like Game Shows, Casino Hold'em, Baccarat, 3-Card-Poker and Caribbean Stud-Poker can be found there as well. 

    The exact rules of the game for different versions or minimum bet amounts and payout rates can be found at the respective tables by clicking on the question mark. 

    Connection termination

    If a connection is interrupted during a game but the bet has been confirmed by a player this bet is valid and the game continues. If a connection termination is caused by a software provider and the customer’s bet is lost the stakes will be refunded. 

    In the unlikely case of an error committed by a dealer the head croupier will be called. If a game can be continued fair it will be continued. If a game cannot be continued fair and the customer is at a disadvantage the game will be canceled and the stakes refunded.

    Minimum bet

    The minimum bet varies depending on the game. At "Low limit" tables or games it is possible to place a bet for 1 Cent. Other games particularly Blackjack and Roulette require a minimum bet of 25 Euros. The rules of the game can be viewed in "Help" or "?" once you have started the game.


    Most games have defined winning limits. Usually, these depend on the bet of a player. You can view maximum winning payouts in the help section of the relevant game.

    Games in the category "Jackpot" offer a Jackpot amount in addition to a win regardless of the bet amount. This will be displayed in the game and increases with the bets of customers in the network and can be cracked for most games with the minimum bet for the relevant game.

    Connection termination 

    If your connection to one of the casinos is interrupted, you can usually continue the game started. 

    If your connection to the Casino server is terminated during a game you have the opportunity to continue and finish the game as if you had never left the game. With Blackjack for example you will be in the same position than before the connection termination and you can continue to make decisions regarding your hand. 

    The Live Casino is an exception: Because game rounds are played in real-time bets that have been placed will remain valid and will be played out. If the connection termination is caused by the software provider lost bets will be refunded! 

    If your bet has not been accepted due to a connection error this will not be deducted from your gaming account and you can place the bet again. 

    Play for fun – mode

    Most games in the Interwetten Casino can be played "just for fun". In "Play for fun – mode" no money will be deducted from a customer account because it is only play money not real money. This way you can test games and then select your favorite. 

    Just select option "Play for fun" when starting a game and you can get started! 

    To switch to real money mode just select "Real money" at the upper right-hand corner of the screen and log in with your user details! 

    Please note that games in the Live Casino can only be played in real money mode.

    Newsletter subscription and cancelation

    The newsletter is sent only to the e-mail address registered with the customer account. This way you are always up to date about bonus promotions or interesting competitions.

    You can subscribe or unsubscribe for a newsletter at any time. This can be done by logging in with your username and password and clicking on "Account statement" and "Settings". 

    Under the heading "E-mail notifications" you can select whether to receive our weekly newsletter, our bonus e-mails as well as notifications about new messages in your inbox.

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