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  • Victory Bets

Politics - US Presidential Election bets

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US Presidential Election 2024

Biden, Joe 4.90

Trump, Donald 5.25

Harris, Kamala 6.25

Desantis, Ron 13.00

Haley, Nikki 19.00

Pence, Mike 20.00

Buttigieg, Pete 35.00

Johnson, Dwayne 40.00

Stefanik, Elise 43.00

Pompeo, Mike 47.00

Cruz, Ted 50.00

Owens, Candace 50.00

Warren, Elizabeth 55.00

Hawley, Josh 55.00

Noem, Kristi 55.00

Carlson, Tucker 55.00

Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria 55.00

Flynn, Michael 55.00

Trump, Ivanka 55.00

Obama, Michelle 65.00

Cotton, Tom 65.00

Scott, Tim 70.00

Rubio, Marco 85.00

Trump Jr, Donald 90.00

Crenshaw, Dan 95.00

Klobuchar, Amy Jean 95.00

West, Kanye 95.00

Bezos, Jeff 100.00

Yang, Andrew 110.00

O Rourke, Beto 110.00

Booker, Cory 110.00

Markle, Megan 110.00

Clinton, Hillary 110.00

Romney, Mitt 110.00

Paul, Ryan 110.00

Clooney, George 110.00

Campbell, Bruce 110.00

Sanders, Bernie 110.00

Gabbard, Tulsi 110.00

Newsom, Gavin 110.00

Trump, Lara 110.00

Dimon, James 110.00

Winfrey, Oprah 130.00

Carson, Ben 150.00

Gaetz, Matt 160.00

Paul, Rand 160.00

Smith, Will 160.00

Cuomo, Andrew 170.00

Shapiro, Ben 180.00

Christie, Chris 180.00

Cheney, Liz 225.00

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