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The NBA is the world’s best and most popular basketball league. It is made up of 30 teams that fight year after year for the NBA title. No team has celebrated winning the title more often than the Boston Celtics; however, last season it was all about the Golden State Warriors. The team from Oakland, featuring MVP Stephen Curry, recorded 73 wins and just nine losses to set a new NBA regular season record. Nevertheless, it was the Cleveland Cavaliers, led by star man LeBron James, who came out on top in the final series for the first time ever. Kevin Durant stole the headlines in the summer by switching to the Warriors, so can the Cleveland Cavaliers or perhaps the San Antonio Spurs keep pace? Visit us for the best odds and every bet (also LIVE) on the NBA!




NBA Champion 2018/19

Golden State Warriors 1,55

Boston Celtics 6,75

Houston Rockets 9,25

Los Angeles Lakers 11,75

Philadelphia 76ers 15,50

Toronto Raptors 18,25

Oklahoma City Thunder 36,00

San Antonio Spurs 62,00

Utah Jazz 64,00

Milwaukee Bucks 76,00

Washington Wizards 84,00

Minnesota Timberwolves 86,00

New Orleans Pelicans 86,00

Denver Nuggets 92,00

Indiana Pacers 96,00

Portland Trail Blazers 105,00

Miami Heat 150,00

Dallas Mavericks 185,00

Los Angeles Clippers 200,00

Detroit Pistons 210,00

New York Knicks 260,00

Cleveland Cavaliers 280,00

Phoenix Suns 290,00

Charlotte Hornets 310,00

Chicago Bulls 350,00

Memphis Grizzlies 380,00

Orlando Magic 390,00

Atlanta Hawks 440,00

Sacramento Kings 440,00

Brooklyn Nets 440,00

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