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Last Minute

00h 08m

Tomas Berdych 2,30


Roger Federer 1,55

00h 13m

Kdblife Winnus Guri 6,50


Woori Bank Hansae 1,05

00h 13m

Slovacko 1,75

X 3,70

Spartak Trnava 3,80

00h 13m

Ansan OK Savingsbank Rush&cash 3,90


Kal Jumbos 1,22

00h 13m

Clement Geens 2,20


Remi Boutillier 1,55

00h 13m

Nicola Ghedin 5,75


Attila Balazs 1,07

00h 13m

Josephine Boualem 2,60


Alexandra Dulgheru 1,40

00h 13m

Marketa Vondrousova 1,30


Anastasiya Shoshyna 3,15

00h 13m

Ronit Yurovsky 2,15


Anna Zaja 1,60

00h 13m

Conbox Spirit 2,55


Cloud9 1,45

00h 43m

Perth Wildcats 1,40


Cairns Taipans 2,70

00h 43m

Fuchu Athletic FC 1,65

X 3,85

Espolada Hokkaido 3,85

00h 43m

Geek Fam 2,40


Power Gaming 1,50

00h 48m

Viktor Durasovic 6,25


Marc Sieber 1,06

00h 53m

Anastasija Sevastova 3,20


Garbine Muguruza 1,30

01h 08m

Miliaan Niesten 1,20


Lucas Catarina 3,55

01h 08m

Christian Hirschmueller 3,00


Michal Konecny 1,30

01h 13m

Blackwater Elite 2,90


Barangay Ginebra San Miguel 1,35

01h 13m

Bernabe Zapata Miralles 1,12


Demian Raab 4,75

01h 13m

Edward Gaming 1,70


Vici Gaming 2,05

01h 18m

Anton Zaitcev 1,25


Mate Delic 3,10

01h 43m

Valerenga 1,35

X 4,60

Strommen 6,25

01h 43m

Salvatore Caruso 1,50


Gregoire Jacq 2,30

01h 43m

Katharina Hobgarski 1,80


Greet Minnen 1,80

01h 43m

Ekaterina Kazionova 2,55


Lou Brouleau 1,40

01h 43m

Team Kongdoo Panthera 1,30


Fnatic 3,10

01h 48m

Jilin Northeast Tigers 4,50


Xinjiang Tigers 1,16

01h 48m

Beijing Jinyu 1,04


Jiangsu Tongxi 8,50

01h 48m

Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank 3,30


Chongqing Fly Dragons 1,30

01h 48m

Shanghai Sharks 1,01


Fujian Quanzhou Bank 12,25

01h 48m

L. Scale Industry 1,08


Sichuan Jin Qiang 6,50

02h 13m

FK Aquacity Poprad 2,80

X 3,45

Podbeskidzie Bielsko Biala 2,15

02h 13m

FC Roskilde 3,00

X 3,35

Odense BK 2,10

02h 13m

Hong Kong FC 8,75

X 5,75

Yuen Long District Sa 1,22

02h 13m

OG 1,35


Invictus Gaming 2,95

02h 43m

Shabab AL Thahrea 2,15

X 3,10

Markez Balata 3,05

02h 43m

Vincent Jaensch Mueller 2,05


Vadym Ursu 1,60

02h 43m

Alberto Cammarata 6,50


Maxime Chazal 1,05

02h 43m

Kenny De Schepper 2,35


Ruben Bemelmans 1,50

03h 13m

Chile 1,45

X 10,25

Saudi Arabia 3,40

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Please check the details of your chosen bets very closely on this page. The “Submit betting slip” button is the final step in bet submission. There will be no subsequent confirmation page! Details regarding score and minute of play are purely for purposes of orientation and no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

The Cash-Out function gives you the opportunity to end a bet before the results. This means that you can secure your winnings if the conditions are favourable, as well as minimise your losses if you believe the bet will probably be lost anyway.

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