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Ice Hockey






Last Minute

00h 17m

Jack Sock 1,25


Jiri Vesely 3,60

00h 17m

Anaheim Ducks 2,15

X 4,00

New York Rangers 2,75

00h 17m

Caio Zampieri 2,20


Kevin Krawietz 1,55

00h 17m

Kevin King 1,03


Alan Raul SAU Franco 8,00

00h 17m

Mauricio Resendiz Dominguez 6,75


Liam Broady 1,05

00h 17m

Gianluigi Quinzi 1,45


Juan Ignacio Londero 2,50

00h 17m

Ante Pavic 1,50


Roberto Quiroz 2,30

00h 27m

Austin Krajicek 1,40


Eduardo Struvay 2,65

00h 32m

Ramkumar Ramanathan 1,45


Danilo Petrovic 2,50

00h 47m

Los Angeles Lakers 3,00


Portland Trail Blazers 1,35

01h 17m

Hang L. 1,22


Honghao L. 3,85

01h 17m

Mcgill A. 1,25


Fei T. 3,40

01h 17m

Borg A. 1,50


Zhuang N. 2,35

01h 17m

Murphy S. 1,07


Taylor A. 7,00

01h 17m

Sharav E. 2,00


Muir R. 1,70

01h 17m

Bingham S. 1,25


Donaldson S. 3,55

01h 17m

White J. 1,22


Yuan L. 3,75

05h 47m

Dunn M. 1,45


Hicks A. 2,65

05h 47m

Trump J. 1,01


Weston J. 11,00

05h 47m

Maflin K. 2,00


Woollaston B. 1,70

05h 47m

Wen Bo L. 1,04


Santos I. 8,50

05h 47m

Vafaei H. 3,90


Perry J. 1,22

05h 47m

Dott G. 1,55


Wilson G. 2,30

05h 47m

White M. 1,40


Lu Y. 2,65

05h 47m

Clark R. 3,90


Davis M. 1,22

06h 27m

Baggaley A. 2,05


Karakasevic A. 1,70

07h 07m

Bluhm F. 3,30


Placek F. 1,30

07h 17m

Adrien Bossel 1,35


Daniele Capecchi 2,80

07h 17m

Laurynas Grigelis 1,12


Juan Carlos Saez 4,70

07h 17m

Eric Johnson 1,40


Mor Bulis 2,60

07h 17m

Orel Ovil 2,20


Matias Franco Descotte 1,55

07h 17m

Raleigh Smith 1,95


Joshua Paris 1,65

07h 17m

Corvidae 1,50


Funky Monkeys 2,40

07h 17m

APK Prince 1,90


I Gaming Star 1,80

07h 47m

Rakov V. 8,00


Platonov P. 1,05

08h 17m

Funky Monkeys 2,45


Corvidae 1,50

08h 27m

Ecseki N. 2,55


Baggaley A. 1,45

08h 47m

Prevosto L. 2,70


Andrei Stefan Apostol 1,35

08h 47m

Jacopo Stefanini 2,40


Juan Pablo Paz 1,45

08h 47m

Marco Cecchinato 1,02


Bogdan Ionut Apostol 8,00

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Please check the details of your chosen bets very closely on this page. The “Submit betting slip” button is the final step in bet submission. There will be no subsequent confirmation page! Details regarding score and minute of play are purely for purposes of orientation and no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

The Cash-Out function gives you the opportunity to end a bet before the results. This means that you can secure your winnings if the conditions are favourable, as well as minimise your losses if you believe the bet will probably be lost anyway.

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